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3 article(s) translated from Burmese


Words are imperfect signifiers  or a word is a perfect signifier I don't know yet Me and my language  are worlds apart. So I'd rather not use words. Unable to create understanding language cannot serve as a bridge to the heart. You'd better not breathe a word you might be misunderstood. Music unplucked on the harp  is sweeter, they say. Don't let me get caught up in disputes, in arguments; you retract your words, I will...

The Rock and the Wave

It’s war when we meet Then you retreat Foaming and fuming Swirling and fluming And I’m left Bereft again. I’m hunkered down While you roar and pound It’s war when we meet But when you retreat I miss the salt of your tears.   © Myo Myint Swe. By arrangement with the estate of the author. Translation © 2012 by Lyn Swe Aye. All rights reserved.  

Before and After

After the rains Damp earth, jasmine.   After the storms Damp cheeks, no Jasmine.

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