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3 article(s) translated from Faroese

the expiration date

asks me how old i am   i tell it i’m the same age as this morning’s darkness   but this evening i’ll be the same age as tomorrow’s light and all the other goods that have expired

on the bed

an empty suitcase  sits wide-open  wrinkled sheets  a nightgown  a passport  an absence between pillow and head  a glare of ice between mattress and thigh  a stroke of shadow between decision and departure  the car you plan to make your escape in isn't registered  and you're still standing there waiting 

The round table is the eye

that sees the unfolding tragedy. You are wearing your glasses, your shirt is open and you are sweating a little. Lighters, half-empty beer bottles, sugar, computers, pencils, paper, can and bottle openers, your favorite turquoise coffee cup with the chipped rim, band-aids, scalpels, telephones, corks, cold cuts, knives, tape, CDs, bread, spoons, pictures, books, notes, sketchbooks fill the tabletop, but it is the silence between you and me that’s the drop that makes it overflow and...

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