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2 article(s) translated from Finland-Swedish


My father usually slept in the greenhouse, in the storage room where the season’s fruit was stored. He had a bunk in there and a light on the wall. I think it was his protective shelter—he needed the scent of apples and onions to get some rest at night. He’d keep the light on all night, but he claimed he could still sleep. He had hung up a snare on the ceiling beam, and he was in the habit of lying there and observing its gaping loop before setting his newspaper and...

The Referee

Fernström would remember later that he had been thinking back to his own playing career while driving through the city that morning. He had felt restless all autumn, but without understanding why. The previous evening, after an early dinner, he told Marjut and Jere that he needed a breath of fresh air, and then he got into the old dark blue Escort, even though he had drunk several glasses of wine with the fish. He had driven from their home in Alppila down to the beach between...
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