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2 article(s) translated from Macedonian

from “My Father’s Books”

In those rare moments when, bent over his opened books, he considered his fate, seeking solutions to the Balkan history of his family, in those moments when he thought he was fully prepared to begin writing the history of the Balkans through the declines of the three empires with which the life of his family had collided (Ottoman, Fascist, and Stalinist), my father began to ask himself which was his fatherland: the fatherland of his ancestors or the fatherland of his descendants. He...

Ballad of Aunt Else’s Refugees

It's cold in Schlossberg. The stoves are full of our nails and hairs. The lift with coal and matches remained stuck in the middle of the hairdresser's by the City Gate. We had our forelocks trimmed for free there and now we look at each other as if in a mirror, pH neutral. When Aunt Else adds knitting to our slippers we play darts: she aiming her blue knitting needle at our hearts, we our red at hers. Gruss gott. The elastoplast stops the blood in the wound, and...

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