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3 article(s) translated from Romany

The Birch Grove

When the winds sweep away winter's dreaming, March dresses up in flowers and grass and, on long wings, ushers in the spring. Then, without ever knowing why, trees raise their naked arms to the King of the Sky. As a reward they are bedizened with a profusion of buds that burst from an excess of love, transforming themselves into the Queen's Ladies who raise slender and graceful arms under their corner of the sky, resting their dreams and thoughts in green leaves. Just as wind...

Queen of the Night and Stone Flower

On the souls of those who live life free under the skies-with the blades of grass, at the edge of the forest, on hills bedizened with bright flowers of the field-it is written that they must know many hidden mysteries. The eyes of the Roma know exactly when the earth's heart begins to stir deep down at spring's root, reviving the shoots of grass and the buds of trees until the green sap bursts with love before the Sun's eyes. How many things my grandmother Lulika knew! Time...

The Two Boys

Two Romany boys were sent, sent across the great sea. Plato for brawling, Lasho for stealing the purse of a great lady. And when they came to the other land, The land that's over the sea, Plato was quickly hung, but Lasho became husband to a great lady. Do you want to know who the lady was? It was the lady from whom he'd stolen the purse: The boy had a black witching eye, And she had followed him across the great sea.
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