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3 article(s) translated from Sinhala

The Hunter in the Wilderness of Sansara

A long time ago, sixteen leagues from our village, Navagaththegama, there lived the hunter. The area was called Mullegama Galkanda. The hunter lived on Mullegama Rock and in the surrounding jungle. The impenetrable area between our village and the Thammannar-Anuradhapura road was covered by thick jungle. Regardless of its length and breadth, it is the wilderness proximate to Mullegama Galkanda, which lay sixteen leagues from our village, that is of importance to our story, and...


(Note: This story is based on the life of Rizana Nafeek, a Sri Lankan girl convicted and subsequently executed in Saudi Arabia for the alleged murder of four-month-old Naif al-Quthaibi.) “Aunty, when will Rizana come? Any news about her?” Rizana’s cousin (a relative likely to marry her) works for a multipurpose store for a meager salary. He hadn’t known of her departure for Saudi Arabia. Had he known, he would have stopped her going. But no, everything happened...

At the Supermarket

Red, rosy, and full they cluster in unusual collectivity these kehel-mal, the plantain-bloom under an unfamiliar, coolness-dripping roof   trembling for the fingertip touch, pick, and cuddle of ladies made elegant with blush, paint, and perfume. And don’t eye-sweep the foot of the mighty Jak tree there’s no reason to sweat, not any more for these blessed seeds; they are packed and ready-to-go into the hands of gentle men clad in the leg-baring shorts made...

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