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Graphic Lit

The Apartment in Bab el-Louk

by Donia Maher and by Ganzeer
Translated by Elisabeth Jaquette

Outside your window, Cairo’s nooks and crannies are lonely and forsaken, like a deserted crime scene.

I Am a Communist

by Kun-woong Park
Translated by Sora Kim-Russell and Jamie Chang

In February of 1949, police officers stormed in without warning

Weapons of Mass Diplomacy

by Abel Lanzac and by Christophe Blain
Translated by Edward Gauvin

Look, seriously, he's gonna make you rewrite it ten times.

Modotti: A Woman of the Twentieth Century

by Ángel De la Calle
Translated by Matt Madden

The epitaph on her tombstone was written by Pablo Neruda.

Hysteric Behavior #3

by Dan Allon
Translated by G. H. Freedman

It's actually nice to talk to strangers.

The General

by Nicolas Wild
Translated by Edward Gauvin

It’s the good stuff. Afghani.


by Matthias Picard
Translated by Edward Gauvin

That night, it was a Ford that stopped.

My Cloud

by Mazen Kerbaj
Translated by Mazen Kerbaj

With practice I managed to fix stars.


by Li-Chin Lin
Translated by Edward Gauvin

I felt like I had a Taiwanese body with the mask of a Chinese person.

A Shining Path of Blood: Massacres and a Monologue

by Jesús Cossio
Translated by Gabriel Saxton-Ruiz

Silence! One must not question the justice meted out by the Party!

Ladybirds’ Requiem

by Akino Kondoh
Translated by Jocelyne Allen

The whole thing started with an accident.

from “The Art of Flying”

by Antonio Altarriba
Translated by Adrian West

After four days they started passing out rations—a loaf of bread for every ten people.

My Mother Was a Very Beautiful Woman

by Karlien de Villiers
Translated by Marilyn August

She tried homeopathic remedies and other alternative medicines.

Mean Folk: The Story of a Movement

by Étienne Davodeau
Translated by Mercedes Claire Gilliom

Our workdays were long, the work was mind-numbing.

The Last of the Bunch

by Migo Rollz
Translated by Chip Rossetti

He moved away more than thirty years before you were born.

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