As summer descends, and minds wander to the out-of-doors, our authors cultivate relationships with the natural world. From lyrical reports about life in unfamiliar territories, both hot and cold, to brooding accounts of the fever that nature puts into the mind and work of writers around the world, our August issue crosses over to the wild side. Follow Laurentino Gomes, Manuel de Lope, Nikos Kachtitsis, László Krasznahorkai, Mohamed Magani, Cees Nooteboom, Harald Weinrich, and Raúl Zurita as they explore the unknown and confront the untamed.

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Book Reviews

Sergio Ramírez’s “A Thousand Deaths Plus One”

Sergio Ramírez's A Thousand Deaths Plus One, translated from Spanish by Leland H. Chambers, interweaves historical fact with outrageous fiction, painstaking truth with barefaced lies. In...

Friedrich Holderlin’s “Selected Poems” and “Odes and Elegies”

Translation, according to John Tipton in the afterword to his English translation of Sophocles's play, Ajax, is a kind of forgery: " . . . akin to building a copy of a house seen across a river....