February brings our annual celebration of the international graphic novel. Dodging bullets in Beirut and facing divorce in Paris, scaling Chinese peaks and prowling the Cairene underworld, these international artist-writers delineate character and plot with all sorts of lines. See how Zeina Abirached, Blutch, Albert Cossery and Golo, Marc Legendre, Galit Seliktar and Gilad Seliktar, and Wei Tsung-Cheng make every picture tell a story. In related pieces, Michael McDonald draws out translator Marina Harss, and Tomas Kołodziejczak considers the intersection of Polish politics and comics. And elsewhere, Sony Labou Tansi courts the body politic, and David Albahari tries to shrink a weighty head.

Also in this Issue

Head Weight

In all honesty, Ruben was at a loss to explain what was happening to him.

His Majesty: The Stomach

Sony Labou Tansi courts the body politic

Book Reviews

Nicolas Bouvier’s “The Way of the World”

Two Swiss men are at the Iranian border. The year is 1953, just a few months prior to the CIA-sponsored coup. The night is dark. A customs officer emerges from his pavilion and shines his acetylene...

Orhan Pamuk’s “Museum of Innocence”

Orhan Pamuk’s mesmerizing meditation on love and loss in a bygone Istanbul opens with a quotation from Coleridge’s notebooks: “If a man could pass thro’ Paradise in a Dream,...