WWB delves into the world of international queer writing this June, and returns with a chorus of some of the most striking voices in this underexplored realm. The writers in this issue defy convention with the variety of their literary styles and the rare clarity that each brings to our theme. They may visit the familiar ground of letters to old lovers, walks down memory lane, and fights over directions, but there's no mistaking the queer genius of invention at play in all their work. Look in with us on the world told anew by Angela Dimitrakaki, Fabrice Neaud, Syahmedi Dean, Gunther Geltinger, Sofi Oksanen, Yehoshuah Bar-Yosef, Ewa Schilling, and Dmitry Kuzmin.

Also in this Issue

Internet Life

On virtual seas I surf recklessly


On the bottom of the seas the gods are sleeping

Book Reviews

Alain Mabanckou’s “Broken Glass”

Alain Mabanckou, the young Congolese author of African Pyscho, seems intent on subverting all the clichés about African writing

Linda Ferri’s “Cecilia”

Cecilia, Linda Ferri’s latest novel, retells the myth of Saint Cecilia, the Roman nobleman’s daughter who would become the patron saint of music and a Christian martyr

from “Inside a Girl Like You”

I’m writing to send you my new address.

from “Diary”

Snacks in the Fashion Pages

Right up till Friday afternoon the casting location was still not settled.

from “Man Angel”

Endless, the levee. Endless, the dead straight path.

from “Soul Mate”

My father-in-law, Feibush, arrived unannounced at my doorstep in the middle of the week.

from “The Fool”

bell. alina sits at her desk. anka in the last row.

Just Gone to Bed

Just gone to bed