This June we present the fifth installment of our annual queer issue. We've gathered a group from all corners of the world to celebrate this milestone with us. From Colombia, Alberto Salcedo Ramos gets in league with the queens of soccer, while Taiwan's Qiu Miaojin pens fiery, lyrical dispatches from Montmartre. Belgium's Stéphane Lambert paints a nostalgic portrait of a teenage friendship, and Iranian writer Ghazal Mosadeq's beleaguered asylum seeker finds himself at a crossroads in France. From Israel (via Brooklyn), graphic artist Miki Golod blends memories of army service with a snowbound New York, while Spain's Elvira Tobío frames a carnal appetite in haiku form. Nao-Cola Yamazaki's protagonist dwells on a foundering relationship from the dentist's chair, while Algerian Rachid Boudjedra's Olympian falls in love with a student. From Mexico, Javier Malpica reads us entries from a coming-of-age diary, while Russia's Olga Pogodina-Kuzmina dwells on the allure of youth.  

Elsewhere in the issue we showcase new writing from Equatorial Guinea. Graphic novelist Jamón y Queso lampoons the man in charge, while Melibea Obono Ntutumu's protagonist takes a cab ride from hell and Juan Tomás Ávila Laurel remembers his island home. 

New Writing from Equatorial Guinea

from “Obi’s Nightmare”

All right! I love this movie!

By Night the Mountain Burns

We were on our own out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Government Property

“A girl of my standing, in a clapped-out old banger like this!”

Book Reviews

Juan José Saer’s “La Grande”

The author’s urgency to finish "La Grande" is palpable in the anxious prose.

Bohumil Hrabal’s “Harlequin’s Millions” and Jáchym Topol’s “Nightwork”

With the English publication this month of Bohumil Hrabal’s "Harlequin’s Millions" and Jáchym Topol’s "Nightwork," it’s Vánoce (“Christmas”) for fans of Czech literature.

Gunnar Harding’s “Guarding the Air”

Steeped in broad cross-cultural influences from traditional jazz to Guillaume Apollinaire, Harding masterfully crafts vision and music into free verse.

Full Body Scan

"Do you know anyone who died in the army?"

from “Carnia Haikai”

An omnivorous poet, / I eat everything.

Cavities and Kindness

It was almost Christmas, I had a cavity, and I was in the process of getting dumped.

from “Adam’s Apple”

His skin and hair gave off an intoxicating scent of apples.