This month we're exploring Greece from perspectives both native and foreign. An earlier generation's exodus has made way for a new influx of arrivals, changing the fabric of Greek society and shaping a new literary landscape. Here ex-pats and immigrants, insiders and outsiders consider national, cultural, and ethnic identity in defining what it means to be Greek today. We're delighted to present the work of Thanassis Valtinos, Dimitris Chatzis, Margarita Karapanou, Ioanna Karystiani, Vassilis Alexakis, Sotiris Dimitriou, Petros Markaris, Ersi Sotiropoulos, Vassilis Gkourogiannis, and Gazmend Kapllani. Our special thanks to guest editor Karen Emmerich for her invaluable expertise and help in putting together this very special issue.

Also in this Issue

Book Reviews

Pierre Martory’s “Landscapist”

From swans with amputated purple wings, to a gnome with a hairlip, to a tired unicorn dreaming "of yelling schoolboys, Plato badly digested," Pierre Martory's collection The Landscapist: Selected...

Saša Stanišić‘s “How the Soldier Repairs the Gramophone”

"What's going to happen is so improbable that there'll be no improbability left for a made-up story." So thinks Aleksandar Krsmanović on April 6, 1992, the day the war forces his family...