This month we're covering black markets: those underground exchanges of contraband that power parallel economies throughout the world. Goods both human and inanimate are traded in these shadowy venues, where everything from kidneys to diamonds is available, often at horrific cost.  In fiction and essays, Wang Bang, Abdelilah Hamdouchi, Vladimir Lorchenkov, Jason Miklian, Dominique Manotti, Dmitri Novosolov, Edgard Telles Ribeiro, and Ye Yonglie explore clandestine systems around the world. And in the latest installment of our World through the Eyes of Writers feature, Poland's Paweł Huelle salutes poet Tomasz Różycki.  

The World through the Eyes of Writers

A Letter to a Young Poet: On Tomasz Różycki

There is in these poems a beautiful trace of Rilke.

The Guy Who Bought the World

Skyscrapers stab the air, huge fingers / prodding the haze.

In the Evening, Love

Love leads him on a leash / from bar to bar.

This Is My Room

There’s no earth whatsoever / after sunset.

Book Reviews

Yu Xiang’s “I Can Almost See the Clouds of Dust”

Yu Xiang’s poems are the poetic equivalent of shoegazer rock.


The ex-con took him out to the platform of the car and with one deft movement . . .

Señor Capitán

The fishing boat could hold thirty passengers out on the deck.

Bled Dry

They were under arrest because they didn't have enough money to do business with the cops.