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from the December 2007 issue

A Bullet Fired into the Night

Like a falling leaf in a dream
Or an arm in a dream, dangling
A night flight, with eyes wide open
A June night, an astonished look
No one sees the vanished smile
The soldier's dark face above the barrel
No one fears the barrel now—
An eel sniffing the mud

In a garden, banana leaves still catch dew
On tall bamboo, a nest of storks sleeps soundly
Only an ancient bat startles

In a closed house, a mother turns up her lamp
Not knowing she will be lonelier now
And a girl will sorrow in secret

No one knows he used to be a man
All summer long, crows will convene
In a row of bright green trees

Translation of "Vi'n đạn bắn vào đ'm đen." Copyright Ngo Tu Lap. Translation copyright 2007 by Martha Collins and Ngo Tu Lap. All rights reserved.

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