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from the December 2011 issue

About the Young Writer Zheng Xialou

Zheng Xiaolu, editor of a literary magazine, is only twenty-five years old. He was probably twenty-two when he wrote this story.

Last year, he and another editor visited me to discuss how I arrange for publication of my works.  Later on, he sent his stories to me.  After reading his short stories, I was astonished, because he is still so young and yet he writes like an old hand.  Moreover, gloomy and forceful power shows through between the lines. He has a sober and profound view of people’s minds, and readers can also feel his sensitive heart. I think his best works can be favorably compared with those of Lu Xun, the pre-eminent writer of early twentieth-century China.  “Festival of Ghosts,” his first story to be translated into English and published abroad, demonstrates his striking, distinctive talent.  I believe this young writer has a promising future.

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