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from the July/August 2020 issue



A traveler takes to the road in this dreamlike poem by Miguelángel Meza.

Listen to Miguelángel Meza read "Dawn" in the original Mbyá Guaraní.

By the streaming of the road I go
I enter lift and pass.
Black. I pause, see nothing. Wetness. 
Black and streaming the road fragments before me.
Wet I plunge on, all before me flowing. 
The road stowing memories huddles dark under a seed-field of stars.
Heavy my forehead. I part thickets of prone branches,
fall, rise again, tread onward. 
My road, level now: it bursts, opens,
water boils up from grouped stones, grips me. 
I fall free as dawn breaks

Translated from Mbyá Guaraní by Tracy K. Lewis.

“Ko’ê” © Miguelángel Meza. By arrangement with the author. English translation © 2020 by Tracy K. Lewis. Spanish translation © Miguelángel Meza. All rights reserved.


Tape syryrýre aha
aike amboguy ahasa.
Hû.  Apyta.  Ndahechái. Iñakỹ. 
Hû ojeka syryrýva tape. 
Che akỹ.  Ajeity.  Syryry. 
Tape ypytû mandu’a mbyja týre oiguyru.
Ipohýi chesyva.  Amboguy javorái. 
Ha’a.  Apu’ã.  Apyrû. 
Ipe cherape.  Osoro.
Ita týre y opupu.  Chejopy,
ha ha’ávo ko’ê hesakã

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