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from the November 2011 issue

There is No Theorem (A Regguetón)

No hay teorema

There is no theorem
just the combination
10,000 years of going with digressions:
I write regguetones, forget the variation.
There is no theorem
from the mist itself
the primates descend in search of phonemes
can create regguetones
and invite the system.
There is no theorem
with the mist itself
the songs the poems
sing themselves
everything I hear seems to be a slogan
to be or not to be, I think therefore I am
god loves you, and if the fish don’t bite?
Just paddle
all things in moderation and the moderation addles.
There is no theorem
the ocean mist itself
puts surf into the philosopheme:
syntagma of granite
conceive of your problem
as a single law stained infinite
that says what it says
and what it says, is flame.

© Omar Pérez. By arrangement with the author. Translation © 2011 by Kristin Dykstra. All rights reserved.

No hay teorema

No hay teorema
es la misma suma:
10 000 años andando por las ramas:
escribo reguetones y olvido el tema.
No hay teorema
de la misma bruma
bajan los primates a buscar fonemas
haga reguetones
convide al sistema.
No hay teorema
con la misma espuma
se hacen las canciones
los poemas
todo lo que escucho me parece un lema:
ser o no ser, pienso luego existo
dios te ama, y si no pican?
todo con medida y la medida trema.
No hay teorema
es la misma bruma
la que pone espuma en el filosofema:
sintagma de granito
concibe tu problema
como una sola ley teñida de infinito
que dice lo que dice
y lo que dice, quema.

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