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Words Without Borders is one of the inaugural Whiting Literary Magazine Prize winners!
from the April 2014 issue



Men plan wars
And women survive in the rubble
One day there will be no men
And a woman will pursue another
In search of the scent of the last man
Who touched his lips to her neck.

© Manal Al-Sheikh. By arrangement with the author. Translation © 2014 by Angham A. Abdullah. All rights reserved. 


 الرجال يقررون الحروب..

والنساء تعيش على أنقاضها.

سنصحو يوماً على كوكبٍ من النساء

واحدة لا تشتهي الأخرى

إلا من أجل عطر خلفهُ رجلٌ

على عنقِ


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