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Words Without Borders is one of the inaugural Whiting Literary Magazine Prize winners!
from the June 2011 issue

Writing Poems without Meaning

의미 없는 시를 쓴다

Sham-seeming life
gauze-mask-like thoughts
is there no removing the mask from consciouness?

Disposing words without meaning
Writing poems without meaning
Writing poems like scraps of debris
scraps of shattering consciousness

Translation of   " Eumi eopneun sireul sseunda. "   By arrangement with the author. Translation copyright 2011 by Brother Anthony of Taizé. All rights reserved.

의미 없는 시를 쓴다

가짜 같은 삶

마스크 같은 생각

의식의 탈을 벗을 수 없을까


의미 없는낱말을 나열한다

의미 없는 시를 쓴다

파편 같은 시를 쓴다

깨어지는 의식의 조각들


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