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from the July 2007 issue

Crimean Sojourns to the Movies

susan sarandon
from the family felidae
doesn't like to cry
and never cries

we aren't let into the movies
but they write, that it'll be fun
in the same green chairs
like it was 40 years ago

the church on the bank:
din-dong din-dong
susan saran-din-dong
somewhere london-din-dong
and the same rain

if the rain was a wall
like the berlin one for instance
the one that cut the world in half
and the world would divide
like a macerated polymer

blah what a bunch of crap, jesus
um what was I on about: wet people aren't like anyone
dry people are not pals with the wet ones
the dry fall far from the wet
and if you get caught in the rain after the film
it only makes me glad

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