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from the October 2005 issue


Note: This poem was originally written in Yucatecan Maya.


	Little brother Jaguar


		of the indomitable



your strength is of the earth

		the sun

		the water

		the air 

		and the fire emerging from your breast

		your eyes and your hands

The power of your soul

Comes from the stars

Where the legend dwells

From your first dreams



		sleep with the flight of the herons

		with the silence of the jungle

		with the lullaby that the rivers give

		lifting your dreams on the clouds

		and from the very summits

		look at your brothers and consider them


	Little brother Jaguar

		it is time that you awaken

		the drums and tuncules1 


		come with the hummingbird

		go through the towns

		and you will find in every brother

		a look of sadness

		an ancestral

		defeat submerged in sleeplessness

	Do not look down now



	unite with wind

	lift yourself with the eagles

	speak with other jaguars

	take the ax

		the machete

	liberate your brothers

	with them

		ask for 

		your Justice

		my Justice

		our Justice

Author's Note: Respect the integrity of these paragraphs with your blood


1. Small drums

Originally published in México Indígena, México, noviembre 1990, numero 14. p.43		

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