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from the June 2004 issue

In Praise of the Brothers of Bod Iwan

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In Bod Iwan there have long
been gods of words and gods of song,
gods with feet sound upon this earth,
wild gods and wise gods, for what it's worth:
Gerallt, who's followed all the trails
from Madryn back again to Wales
and Edmwnd, Edmwnd who knows
that sense and sound are more than shows;
the great water and the smallest birds
are all in Ieuan's quiet words:

Two came to Bod Iwan's table,
two whose words were a fiery fable,
smoking words on a far flung plain
and Camwy talking back again;
two coming through a storm of girls
through the dustclouds in their curls,
through the cities, setting free
the one thunderclap in every three,
two blind men who heard another
echo of a distant thunder:

To Bod Iwan a fair wind came
through the winter leaves aflame,
and on the canal a faith does flow
from the summer spring below;
a myrtle grove, a forest glade,
and rising smoke like a siren's shade,
a lamb on a cross, and wine tonight,
in Gaiman there's a fading light:
today tomorrow, death and birth,
in Bod Iwan there's the earth.

Gaiman, Patagonia
November 1998

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