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from the July/August 2020 issue


A traveler takes to the road in this dreamlike poem by Miguelángel Meza.

Listen to Miguelángel Meza read "Dawn" in the original Guaraní.

By the streaming of the road I go
I enter lift and pass.
Black. I pause, see nothing. Wetness. 
Black and streaming the road fragments before me.
Wet I plunge on, all before me flowing. 
The road stowing memories huddles dark under a seed-field of stars.
Heavy my forehead. I part thickets of prone branches,
fall, rise again, tread onward. 
My road, level now: it bursts, opens,
water boils up from grouped stones, grips me. 
I fall free as dawn breaks

Translated from Guaraní by Tracy K. Lewis.

“Ko’ê” © Miguelángel Meza. By arrangement with the author. English translation © 2020 by Tracy K. Lewis. Spanish translation © Miguelángel Meza. All rights reserved.

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