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from the October 2021 issue

Macau, Our Homeland

This laudatory poem in Patuá celebrates what makes Macau unique.

Listen to H. Miguel de Senna Fernades read "Macau nôs-sa téra" in the original Patuá.

Macau, our homeland
Humble, though of great nobility
A tiny land of a thousand wonders
A flower for anyone in grief

Macau, our homeland
In the world there is no other like you
Home of peace, of charity
A home for every soul

Macau, a holy name blessed by God
Macau, a sweet treasure that we keep

A land of dreams,
of hope,
of kindness

Oh, such a beauty!
Macau, our homeland

Macau, 1998

"Macau nôs-sa téra" © H. Miguel de Senna Fernandes. Translation © H. Miguel de Senna Fernandes. All rights reserved.

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