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from the May 2020 issue

Caviar, Champagne, and Fantasy

In this poem, Camões Prize–winner Arménio Vieira imagines a different future for the Esplanada Morabeza in the capital of Cabo Verde.

The Esplanada in Praia, on Santiago de
                                            [Cabo Verde
on January 29th, 1971
is a sketch for a hydrogen bomb
with no frequency calculations
it’s a moon-bound
that never takes off
(all that’s left is a crumpled
blueprint for a launch pad)

The Esplanada in Praia—even on days of
                                          [sun and sweat
could be a cool oasis
if our faith (which moves mountains)
were one millionth of a mustard grain.

Coffee would abound
without the need to plant a single seed
in the manager’s ear as he comes and goes
tallying the day’s proceeds.

The Esplanada would boast whiter milk
and stylish shoppers and pretty maids
and limit the
                  [legions of beggars
hunting cigarette butts
and of course there would be a clinic nearby
with cures for everything (even the

The Esplanada would have a helicopter for
                                          [its beloved poets
and the nearby fountain would not have gone dry

And there would be white swans gliding by at all
and even a hanging garden
with hothouse tulips and sunflowers

The Esplanada would boast jet planes so close
                                           [you could touch them

there—on the bandstand—
where only musicians and drummers linger
dreaming of fifty mil-réis per week

The Esplanada, thick with the scent of fragrant
and even with a cathedral designed by Oscar
(so unlike the tiny church there now
with its four square walls
and archaic cross)

The Esplanada in Praia would be a wonder
                                                  [of the world
a pristine, embroidered canopy
refracting the stars

The Esplanada, at last, would have another name
Morabeza is a term no doubt
to sit limp like a glove or an idiot toad
(I can see him now, on his branch,
                            [dirtying the tank)

Given what’s been said
and what hasn’t—
perhaps it would be best just to die right here and now
rather than celebrate my three decades
                                                     [of life
dreaming of champagne and caviar
on Praia's Esplanada in Santiago de
                                      [Cabo Verde
on the 29th of January, 1971.

© Arménio Vieira. Translation © 2020 by Eric M. B. Becker and David Shook. All rights reserved.

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