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from the July 2007 issue

Melting Sun

"Things fall apart,"
Tide not turning.
Melting away profoundly
In darkness
The sun.

And I,
Like every other day
A global world-sized wreck
Glaring white,
A hollowed art
Flattened pastures,
Facing an abandoned cave
Where a tear is
The only water
Spilled into

And I
Said to be a big star
Whom night made sunset
Believe in
So what?
A mere light gleam
Where fate
Grins its last laugh?

And I
What if I had not been,
My parents' sculpture
And was expecting my shadow
To change its direction
Running over my euphony
Eclipsing me
And what if l jump over obstacles
In the eclipsed noon

Into darkened sea waves
To see terror in your
Blindfolded eyes
And what if,
Oh trembling ones,
Coming out
In mid-eclipse,
Purified my soul of you?


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