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Words Without Borders is one of the inaugural Whiting Literary Magazine Prize winners!
from the July 2007 issue

Melting Sun

"Things fall apart,"
Tide not turning.
Melting away profoundly
In darkness
The sun.

And I,
Like every other day
A global world-sized wreck
Glaring white,
A hollowed art
Flattened pastures,
Facing an abandoned cave
Where a tear is
The only water
Spilled into

And I
Said to be a big star
Whom night made sunset
Believe in
So what?
A mere light gleam
Where fate
Grins its last laugh?

And I
What if I had not been,
My parents' sculpture
And was expecting my shadow
To change its direction
Running over my euphony
Eclipsing me
And what if l jump over obstacles
In the eclipsed noon

Into darkened sea waves
To see terror in your
Blindfolded eyes
And what if,
Oh trembling ones,
Coming out
In mid-eclipse,
Purified my soul of you?


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