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from the August 2008 issue

My Tongue Falls out of My Mouth

my tongue falls out of my mouth
it is no longer a tongue, it is a huge calf's liver

of the calf we slaughtered yesterday

assures me the butcher of my favorite butcher shop

but I didn't go to the butcher shop

and neither do i have a favorite butcher shop
it is my tongue that has fallen out of my mouth

this huge liver

i'm putting it back pushing it into my throat
i give up when i realize that it is choking me
my tongue falls out again
hangs onto me creeps up my neck licks my body
through my tongue through my tongue through my most grievous tongueTranslation of "Iz Usta Mi Ispada Jezik." Copyright Miroslav Kirin. Translation copyright 2008 by Miroslav Kirin. By arrangement with the author.All rights reserved.

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