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from the October 2016 issue


KTM Iqbal reflects on the condition of being a writer

With aching hands 
I walk 
the paper journey 
just to catch your eye. 

I strike out, rewrite 
just to earn a good name from you. 
Page after page, I tear out 
just so you will not tear me up. 

I write 
just so I can read you. 

In the bookstores, 
not only my books, 
but you are there too. 

Don’t search for me 
on the cover—
that is my mask. 

© KTM Iqbal. Translation © 2016 by Sulosana Karthigasu. All rights reserved. Translated as part of Translators Lab 2015, co-organized by The Select Centre and Writers’ Centre Norwich. The Tamil-to-English track was facilitated by Subashree Krishnaswamy and Lakshmi Holmstrom.

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