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My Beloved Lady

Dancing figures prominently in this short love poem.

Listen to Magin Mario Balthazaar read "Minha ámoor nóóna" in the original Sri Lanka Portuguese.

My beloved lady, my sweet lady,
Come and sing so beautifully.
There will be no trouble, life will be good,
Come and dance the káfriinha.1

Beside the house,
On the nearby fence,
Hang your skirts and all to dry,
Then take them back inside.

Your face is like a rose blossom,
I quickly take your hand
And offer you a gold ring,
For your finger, my beloved lady.

When you and I are united,
Sitting cozily together,
I will give my life, I will give my heart
To you, my lady, without regret.


1. A typical dance and musical tradition of the Sri Lanka Portuguese Burgher community.


"Minha ámoor nóóna" © Magin Mario Balthazaar. Translation © 2021 by Hugo C. Cardoso. All rights reserved.

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