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from the September 2005 issue

PRODUCT VI (International Style)

I see
two castles
one bright one dim
one close the other far
the larger at the forest's edge
the smaller where the empty road
from market place to pointed firs
comes to an end
in the international style

according to experts
the market is of interest
to people
walking hand in hand
to the parking lot
interesting people
to talk to
even about the stars
who take an interest
in people and markets

according to experts
when the castles go under
darkness will uncover the earth
but the style will remain
since it has no time
for the entire surface

1 charge
1 evasion
1 style

in the required part of the performance
some stories about you
and your own about yourself
about the circus wagon
against the pointed firs
the regional headquarters
of flamboyant deflowerings
literally for nothing
the international jury
of virtue has no fear
virtue has a policy
covering castles and style
and the entire surface
I'd swap for a ticket
to the circus

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