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from the September 2020 issue

Pegasus Autopsy

"Pegasus Autopsy" is one of four winning poems selected by David Tomas Martinez for the 2020 Words Without Borders—Academy of American Poets Poems in Translation Contest.


Words without Borders · Poem-in-Translation Contest: "Pegasus Autopsy, " by Julio Pazos Barrera

Listen above to Bryan Mendoza read his translation of Julio Pazos Barrera's "Pegasus Autopsy"


It’s a spacious chamber.
Well lit.
A light that refracts the distant woodland.

Over the table lies
the body and the wings
like sails of a shipwreck.

They’ve stitched together the carnage
with no other motive
than something comparable to mercy.

Soon the volunteers will arrive
and they'll take the body,
including the wings
to the landfill.

“Disección del cadáver de Pegaso” © Julio Pazos Barrera. By arrangement with the author. English translation © 2020 by Bryan Mendoza. All rights reserved.


Click here to listen to poet Julio Pazos Barrera read this poem in the original Spanish

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