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from the September 2021 issue

Monsoon Fable

Jack Malik evokes a monsoon-soaked landscape in this short prose poem.

Words Without Borders · Poet Jack Malik Reads "Monsoon Fable"

Listen to Jack Malik read "Monsoon Fable" in the original Malay

gray nets. sand clots. bottles as litanies, adrift. drowned voices. here silence is apparent-most. the answer arrives in a spectrum-guised shard. coral-corpse eavesdrop. seven seas heave foam, beckoning home. wind departs. raving nira waves. vacant sea. sugar-hued shores consecrate at daybreak. sembah guru. healing waters. freshwater. rose water, thousand-bloom. customs of old. enter relief. revived as riddles. skies entwine in shadow-play. frog cries saturate. life inundates. crane stares blacken. death curdles. ancestral winds whirl, titih-churned. source and cause converge. silvered horizon weighs heavy in gestation. kolae boat lulls, silenced. here, where roots spring. uprooting. blood-blossoms. slithering flooding surging forth. glint-shaped. eternal, on the surface. the ephemeral elongates, in essence.


© Jack Malik. Translation © 2021 Thira Mohamad. All rights reserved.

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