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from the September 2021 issue

Poem in June

In this reverie, modernist poet T. Alias Taib writes verses to an imaginary lover.

Words Without Borders · Eddin Khoo reads T. Alias Taib's "Poem in June"

Listen to Eddin Khoo reads T. Alias Taib's "Poem in June" in the original Malay


my girl
       my mustache and beard still kept dirty for you
my sweet
       isn’t dirt the realm of your love? 
the grass
       flutters thrashed by a green moss wind
       billows like a fish forced to its death
the cape
        does not pulse, the boats are gazing
the heart
        does not beat, on its branch solitude dangles


the sky
        flowing sadness delivered from space
         slipping and sliding towards the thighs
a field
         stretches, a pilgrim shuffles in despair


her face
         the furrows of an unshaven plank 
her restlessness
          the disquiet of a raging wind
          the sun falling on the folds of my eyes dazzling
           fences the surroundings, your voice rasping


© T. Alias Taib. Translation © 2021 by Eddin Khoo. All rights reserved.

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