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from the October 2007 issue

Summer in the City, 1949

The man is looking for trouble,
thrills, sublime ecstasies, places
devoid of folklore, deals,
calculated approximations, objects
of desire that hold
your attention and help you
keep your cool, the latest rage
at your fingertips, binges,
infatuations, sexual icons,
irrefutable proofs, joyrides, advice
within parentheses, green lights, comfy shoes,
forms of expression that presume
supremacy, free tickets to the game,
ways of killing time that are reckless and frenzied,
the upper hand before bellyaching, straight
answers. The woman, however, is looking for love.

Translation of "Summer in the City, 1949." First published in Edward Hopper, 2006. Copyright Ernest Farrés. By arrangement with the author. Translation copyright 2007 by Lawrence Venuti. All rights reserved.

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