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from the December 2014 issue

[the nail fell]

the nail fell, making the floor shriek
i aim to fix the hole by filling it with paper
wad it up a little and stuff it in
it can’t fail
i push it in deeper
it falls through, into a void
i try again but with bigger paper
it falls through

i write tiny poems and toss them into the new mailbox on my wall
i explain the lack of plaster to whomever might see it:


children who fall from bed
latent madness
the freedom of abandonment

                                                                        a stranger among my own
 its odd
i follow the rabbit like Alice
 its good

i pedal without a path
attuned to the possibilities of the moment

                                                                        lying still in wait
           i hunt

“[cayó el clavo]” © Victoria Estol. By arrangement with the author. Translation © 2014 by Seth Michelson. All rights reserved.

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