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from the June 2008 issue

Time Out for Blackberries

A mushroom in the sauce
impresses like a tree:
not through violence, through perseverance.

Red watermelon humor:
meaty appearance,
watery vanity.

Bolder, the pear:
the heart is dead,
the shell sings on.

Illustrious tyranny of the peach:
no proliferating soviet seeds;
at heart, just a stony monarch.

Uses of the lentil:
its double convex zeal
focuses earth's joy.

The ant is the grape of its kingdom:
it models solidarity
clustering in clans, black bunches.

Laughter in the water:
so many strawberries
are already a memory.

From "Moras en el día," in La voz inútil (Buenos Aires: Bajo la Luna, 2003). Copyright Guillermo Saavedra. Translation copyright 2008 by Michele McKay Aynesworth. All rights reserved.

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