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from the October 2008 issue


I won't talk anymore, I won't say harsh words in the morning for a dream I embroider a flower of pearl on my bosom.

I never knew, what you understood from my words, I spoke the forest's frightfulness the plain's tranquility silenced you slept a long sleep, I saw the dream.

Unceasingly I spoke of a path: I'm water, I didn't forget my name I spoke of a mountain I came across while wandering; I didn't meddle with the world's affairs, the world does not console me, does not hold me, wandering around in its dirt still I came out clean.

I carry a pearl-like flower in my bosom: this is a spell I had cast against life I don't speak anymore, if I broke your heart know that I've fallen beside you.

Translation of "Su." By arrangement with the author. Translation copyright 2008 by George Messo. All rights reserved.

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