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from the June 2021 issue

Who Translates?

In the wake of 2020's racist violence, and subsequent organizing by the Black Lives Matter movement and others to combat white supremacy, literary magazines and publishers everywhere have, to differing degrees, made efforts to publish more writers of color. Within the translation community, a corresponding issue arises: Who is chosen to translate, and what assumptions and structures support and drive those decisions? What roles do race and privilege play? And how can we assure equal access to all?

South Korea-based translator from Korean Anton Hur, US-based scholar and translator from French and Czech Corine Tachtiris, and Canada-based writer and translator from Chinese Yilin Wang consider this complex topic.


The Great White Canceling
by Anton Hur


Privilege, Race, and Translation
by Corine Tachtiris


Barriers, Privileges, and Invisible Labor: A Sino Diaspora Translator's Perspective
by Yilin Wang



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