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The Ecco Anthology of International Poetry

In The Ecco Anthology of International Poetry, poetic visions from the twentieth century are reinforced and in many ways revised. Alongside renowned masters such as Neruda, Amichai, Brodsky, and Apollinaire, there are many new discoveries—internationally celebrated poets who have rarely, if ever, been translated into English. Edited by Ilya Kaminsky and Susan Harris of Words without Borders, The Ecco Anthology of International Poetry serves as a canonical touchstone in the field of poetics, bringing voices from afar to readers and students.

“From canonical modernists like Valéry, Vallejo and Pasternak to younger poets of today, the Ecco Anthology collects an amazing spectrum of poetic voices from around the world in gifted translations, often by other well-known poets. It becomes immediately indispensable.”
— John Ashbery

“This brilliantly assembled gathering of world voices reads as a symphony of utterance beginning to end, an international conversation of the highest order, regarding the questions and concerns of humankind, beyond borders and all other such barriers, real or imagined. Abundant thanks especially to the editors and translators of this magnificent work.”
— Carolyn Forché

“This astonishing anthology deeply substantiates Rubén Darío’s claim that 'a poet moves in the world.' It is a modern book of wonders, of airy correspondences and earthly dialogues, of faraway voices and unlikely global encounters, of borders magically crossed and deaths transfigured, of candles lighting each other, like souls. It is inexhaustible.”
— Edward Hirsch

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