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Adam J. Sorkin

Adam J. Sorkin recently published Memory Glyphs: Three Prose Poets from Romania, containing works by Cristian Popescu, Iustin Panța and Radu Andriescu (Twisted Spoon, 2009, with various collaborators). Mircea Ivănescu's lines poems poetry (University Press of Plymouth [UK], with Lidia Vianu) and Carmen Firan's Rock and Dew (Sheep Meadow, mostly with Firan) are both forthcoming. His other books include Ruxandra Cesereanu's Crusader-Woman (Black Widow, 2008, mainly with Cesereanu); Magda Cârneci's Chaosmos (White Pine, 2006, with Cârneci); and Mariana Marin's Paper Children (Ugly Duckling, 2006, with various collaborators). Sorkin and Vianu were awarded The Poetry Society's [UK] Translation Prize for Marin Sorescu's Bridge (Bloodaxe, 2004). Sorkin is Distinguished Professor of English, Penn State Brandywine.

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