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Airuo was born in 1971 in Tongcheng, Anhui Province, and now lives in Beijing. He was formerly the executive deputy editor in chief of Travel China (magazine) and editor in chief of the website Chinese Finance, and also worked for Theories and Criticisms of Literature and Arts, a journal affiliated with the Chinese Institute for the Study of Arts. Airuo is a prolific poet. His poems are included in such anthologies as Chinese New Poems (2002), The Chinese Anthology of Internet Poetry, and Selected Contemporary Love Poems from the Internet. He has also published his poems in numerous newspapers and magazines, such as Poetry Monthly, Selected Poems Magazine, The Meadow, and Today's World. His poems can be found in numerous peer-reviewed publications on and offline. Airuo's poems have won a number of poetry awards, such as the first Chinese Contest for Text Message Literature. He has also parcipated in numerous poetry readings in China.

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