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Alba Eiragi Duarte

Alba Eiragi Duarte was born in Curuguaty, Paraguay, in 1960. She is an Indigenous leader, teacher, and cultural promoter. She is an Aché descendant, raised in an Avá-Guaraní community in Colonia Fortuna, Canindeyú Department. She holds a BA in Social Work and Communication, and a diploma in Intercultural Education. In 2016, she published her first poetry collection, Ñe’ẽ yvoty: Ñe’ẽ poty; her second book is forthcoming. In 2017, she became the first Indigenous female member of the Society of Writers of Paraguay. In 2018, she presented her work at the 28th International Poetry Festival of Medellín, dedicated to the voices and visions of the native peoples of the Americas. Her poems and stories have been anthologized in several national and international publications.

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