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Alisa Ganieva

Image of Alisa Ganieva

Alisa Ganieva grew up in the Dagestani capital of Makhachkala in the Russian Caucasus, and currently lives in Moscow. Her literary debut, the novella Salaam, Dalgat! won the prestigious Russian Debut Prize in 2009. Ganieva works as an editor and presenter for the independent television channel Top Secret; she is also the co-host of a radio program on the station Echo of Moscow and a board member of the Moscow PEN organization. She has taught creative writing and global literature at Grinnell College and in the University of Iowa’s “Between the Lines” program, and is also an alumna of Iowa’s International Writing Program (2012 and 2018). She is the author of three award-winning novels published in the United States under the titles The Mountain and the Wall (2015), Bride and Groom (2018), and Offended Sensibilities (forthcoming, 2021), and has been translated into numerous other world languages including German, French, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Turkish, Dutch, and Korean. 

Photo credit: Molly Tallant

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