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Andrés Barba, Kirmen Uribe, Jeremy Tiang, and Kira Josefsson

Andrés Barba is the author of more than fifteen books, including Such Small Hands, The Right Intention, Rain Over Madrid, and August, October. He is the winner of the Torrente Ballester Prize, the Juan March Prize, and the Herralde Prize for Fiction, among others. His books have been translated into twenty languages and he was named by Granta as one of the Best of Young Spanish-Language Novelists. He is currently a fellow at the NYPL’s Cullman Center.

Kirmen Uribe is a New York City-based Basque-language writer. He won the Spanish National Literature Award for his first novel, Bilbao—New York—Bilbao, which was translated into sixteen languages. His poetry collection, Meanwhile Take My Hand (translated from the Basque by Elizabeth Macklin), was published by Graywolf. In 2017, he was selected for the University of Iowa International Writers Program. Last year, he was an NYPL Cullman Center Fellow. He is currently a Weiss International Fellow at Barnard College, where he is teaching a seminar on twenty-first century world literature.

Jeremy Tiang has translated novels by Yan Ge, Yeng Pway Ngon, Lo Yi-Chin, Zhang Yueran, Chan Ho-Kei, Li Er and Geling Yan, among others. He also writes and translates plays. His novel State of Emergency won the Singapore Literature Prize in 2018. He lives in Flushing, Queens.

Kira Josefsson is a literary translator, writer, and editor working between English and Swedish. She was given a PEN/Heim Translation Fund Grant for her work on Pooneh Rohi’s Araben (The Arab). Other work has appeared in places like Granta, Words Without Borders, Triple Canopy, Kritiker, and Arbetaren. She serves as assistant translations editor for Anomaly and she is on the editorial board for Glänta, a Swedish independent journal of arts and philosophy.

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