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Astrid Roemer

Image of Astrid Roemer

Astrid Roemer was born in Paramaribo, Surinam, in 1947. She emigrated to the Netherlands in 1966, where she made her debut as a poet in 1970. She now has a considerable oeuvre to her name, including a volume of poetry, Noordzeeblues (North Sea Blues, 1985); a play, Dichter bij mij schreeuw ik (Closer to Me I Shout, 1991); a novella, Levenslang gedicht (Lifelong Poem, 1987); and several novels. Her two latest novels, Gewaagd leven (Daring Life, 1995) and Lijken op liefde (Looks Like Love, 1997), were greeted with universal enthusiasm by the Dutch press.


Photo: Gon Buurman

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