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Benedetta Centovalli

Benedetta Centovalli works in publishing in Milan as an editor of Italian fiction. She has edited works by poets including Camillo Sbarbaro, Cristina Campo, and Alda Merini, and by writers including Vittorini, Bilenchi, and the critic Luigi Baldacci. She edited the complete works of Romano Bilenchi for Rizzoli in 1997. She has edited works of Alda Merini, including Letters to a Story (Rizzoli, 1997), Aphorism and Magic (Rizzoli, 1999), The Fox and the Curtain (Rizzoli, 2004), and an anthology of Italian writers on Italy, Patrie impure. Italia autoritratto a più voci (Rizzoli, 2003). She is working on a book about Italian fiction of the last thirty years and teaches contemporary Italian literature and creative writing to university students. She also writes for reviews and newspapers.

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