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Carles Torner

Image of Carles Torner

Carles Torner (Barcelona, 1963) has published several books of poetry in Catalan, the most recent one being La núvia d'Europa (Europe's bride, 2009). In 1998 he was awarded the National Critic's Award for Viure després (Life afterwards). He wrote in French the essay Shoah, une pédagogie de la mémoire (2002), about Claude Lanzmnann's movie. His most recent collection of fiction and nonfiction essays is L'arca de Babel (Babel's arch, 2005). After being in top positions in International PEN (1993-2004), he is at present the Head of the Literature and the Humanities Department of the Institut Ramon Llull, which aims for the international promotion and translation of Catalan literature.

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