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Chang Yoong Chia

Image of Chang Yoong Chia

Chang Yoong Chia (b. 1975, Kuala Lumpur) graduated from the Malaysian Institute of Art in 1996 with a Diploma of Fine Art in Painting. Chang explores different kinds of materials but with the sensibility of a painter. His art focuses on his home country of Malaysia—where ethnicity, religion and history are intricately mixed—and stories of individuals living there. Chang’s work—ranging from paintings on canvases, to painted animal and plant remains and household objects, stamp collages and embroidery—explore wide-ranging topics such as politics, religion, culture and nature. He was a finalist for the 2011 APT Art Prize, and he has been earned residences from S-AIR Japan—twice—and the Goethe-Institut Pazifik-Leipzig. He has exhibited work around the world, including at the  3rd Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale, Japan; the Musee d’Art Contemporain du Lyon, France; the Journey in Israel Museum; and the Yokohama Museum of Art & Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto, Japan.

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