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Dante Liano

Dante Liano was born in Guatemala in 1948. His publications include Jornadas y otros cuentos (1978), La vida insensata (1987), El lugar de su quietud (1989), El hombre de Montserrat (1994, El vuelo del ángel (1996), El misterio de San Andrés (1996, 2006) El origen y la finalidad (1998), El hijo de casa (2004), Pequeña historia de viajes, amores e italianos​ (2008), novela, and Cuentos completos (2008). Since 1980, he has lived in Italy, where he teaches literature at the University. He received the National Literature Prize in 1991, and in 2013 the Municipality of Guatemala awarded him the Otto René Castillo Award for his literary career. 

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