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Dương Nghiễm Mậu

Image of Dương Nghiễm Mậu

Dương Nghiễm Mậu (1936–2016), whose real name was Phí Ích Nghiễm, was born in Mậu Hoà village, Đan Phượng, Hoài Đức district, Hà Đông province, now a district of Hanoi. In 1957, he began to write miscellaneous articles, travelogues, and short stories of various lengths. In 1962, he co-edited Văn Nghệ magazine with Lý Hoàng Phong. He published a number of story collections in Saigon prior to 1975; post-1975, he worked as a lacquer painter until his death. In 2007 several of his short story collections were republished, then quietly removed from bookstores. 2018 saw the republication of the story collection Sợi tóc tìm thấy (A found hair strand), first published in Saigon in 1966, and a novel, Tuổi nước độc (The age of toxic waters), first published in Văn magazine in 1966.

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